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Welcome to 'Our Process'—your guide through the tailored journey we create for each video production project. From the initial consultation where we align on your vision and objectives, through the creative development and planning stages, to the magic of production, and finally, the unveiling of your finished masterpiece, we're with you every step of the way. This section lays out each phase in detail, ensuring you know exactly what to expect and how we transform your ideas into compelling visual stories. Get ready to see your concept come to life with clarity, creativity, and precision."

Our Process

Let's begin with telling us about your project by filling the questionnaire                           .Following that, one of our creative directors will then create a free content audit and get in touch for an informal chat. We will then discuss your bottlenecks, goals, constraints and what Mission Success looks like. With that in our minds we will go away and create a bespoke video strategy that is tailored to your business's goals and needs and ensures Mission Success will be achieved.

How professional video productions are made


Once the strategy has been approved, and the filming scope agreed on, the creative director will appoint a production team, create a detailed brief and a shot list, plan the shoot day or days and prepare the team for the day of production. Armed with their equipment and prepped for the task at hand, the production team is ready for shooting to commence.

Video production process


On the day of the shoot, things might look a little overwhelming with all the lights, cameras, mics and drones, but fear not, as our team's cinema knowledge experience will ensure everything goes methodically and smoothly. We will make sure you look your best on the interview section and your business is represented to the highest of standards.

Professional video project workflow


Once the shooting concludes, the post-production team takes charge to start crafting your cinematic story and a finalised draft is delivered within 10 working days from the last shoot day. To uphold our promise of customer satisfaction guaranteed, you are then entitled to two free revisions of the entire project, in order to ensure it meets your needs and requirements.

Tailor-made video production workflow for businesses:


Once you are satisfied with your project, all the finished files will be handed over with recommendation of where to use each of them. You can then plug them into your pre-existing marketing strategy and watch as people connect with you and your brand as never before. With Mission Success met, we trust you'd want to work with us again in the future, making sure your cinematic story continues and becoming a part of the Wolfpack.

Video Production Delivery

What happens

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