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Michael Wolf is a Bulgarian born, UK trained actor, magician and musician. In 2019, he graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and was awarded the Philip Holt trust prize. During his time there, he was typecast to play one of three types of characters: a villain, a foreigner, and…a foreign villain. As a magician and a compere, he uses Cabarets and Variety nights to put a smile on people’s faces or even makes them cry…with laughter. He is the founder of the Wolf’s Maze Memory Technique and the writer/performer of the magic show “It’s About Time”. Michael’s biggest dream is to live as many lives on the stage and screen as possible and through that, to touch the hearts of audiences big and small. As a founder and artistic director of United Wolves Productions, he curates and plans the projects that are coming out of the company as well as the services being provided, ensuring that customer satisfaction and professionalism are the bare minimum of the company.
Michael Wolf
Founder, Artistic Director and Actor 
Dylan Cullum grew up in rural Sri Lanka, focusing on his studies in sciences, maths and physics, with a high focus on various sports, and while writing was always a passion of his, it took on great focus following his move to Liverpool in 2012. He then spent the next few years studying English, Literature, Creative Writing and Film through various levels of education, including a Master’s degree course in Liverpool John Moores University. Dylan then became driven by a desire to tell stories of all kinds, and the love of writing, all with the goal of producing entertainment for people to enjoy. He has experience in most aspects of filmmaking as he firmly believes that in order to understand a subject as a whole, you have to dabble in all of its aspects. For United Wolves Dylan is the creator of worlds, crafting a narrative that both the viewer and the performer could relate to on an emotional level whether it be fantastical, or grounded in realism.
Dylan Cullum
Galislav Asenov is a Bulgarian graphic designer, currently finishing up his studies in the capitol of Bulgaria. In the past 3 years, he has been working as a freelancer, doing corporate designs, branding, logo design, photography, digital illustration, copywriting and even some UI/UX designs. Even at the age of 20, his skillset is vast and continuing to expand. He works fast and is very efficient, always delivering excellent quality in the shortest possible time period. Rather than working for the client, Galislav likes to work with them, turning their great ideas into the stunning visuals they’ve imagined. If you need anything to do with image manipulation, editing, logo design, posters, branding, visual identity for your business, illustrations and web design templates, Galislav is your go-to guy. He strives to maintain the aforementioned long list of skills and to further it anytime the possibility occurs. We’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Galislav on our logo and website, so let him help you as well, by turning your dreams into a reality.
Graphic Design, Logo, Branding , Poster, Web designer
Galislav Asenov
Nadia Parpova is an Editor, Camera Operator and Filmmaker with a strong interest for photography. She was born in the capitol of Bulgaria, but the city soon became too small for her expanding passion for filmmaking, which led her to pursue a career in the United Kingdom. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Nadia graduated from the Liverool John Moores University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies. Out of the 9 handpicked films that the Graduating display consisted of, not one, but two films were Nadia’s making. While in university Nadia was taught and trained to use all manners of equipment for various purposes and projects. Thanks to that she is now proficient in using editing softwares and masterful behind the camera, usually using her Sony A7s Mark II. ​As United Wolves’ camera operator and editor, Nadia ensures that our clients get the necessary cinematic look their career deserves.
Nadia Parpova
Camera Operator and Editor 
Growing up in Silistra, Bulgaria, Dzhan Shefket was exposed to a lot of traditional Bulgarian culture, partaking in folklore dancing for a couple of years and learning about the importance of tradition. As time progressed he found himself developing a strong passion for football. At the age of 13, he enrolled in a football team, and takes part in semi-professional games throughout the country, showing that his talent was not left unnoticed. After graduating in 2018, he takes on a new skillset by being a chef during three consecutive years working in one of the biggest Bulgarian summer resorts. Throughout the years he has always strived to help those close to him in any way he can, which is why, when Dzhan came to the UK in 2019, we welcomed him to the company with open arms. He is our on-set, one-man wonder as he dabbles in any job the production needs him to cover. Be that continuity supervisor, script supervisor, gaffer, grip, clapper board, focus puller, sound assistant or electrician, Dzhan is one of the main reasons our team works in the organised and professional way we are known for.
On-set, One-man wonder 
Dzhan Shefket
Denys Chapli is a film photographer, born in Odesa, Ukraine. When he was 14 years old he got his hands on his first film camera which soon became his passion. Coincidentally that was the same year he moved to the UK. After studying in an international college in Cambridge for 4 years Denys moved to Liverpool for his university, now equipped with great interest towards the artistic prosperities of this country. While roaming the streets of Liverpool in the search of eye-catching scenery he eventually came to the realization that the streets have much more to offer than what usually is engraved in a photograph. Denys firmly believes that anything has its beauty and, with a well-placed camera shot he embraces the many hidden beauties of urban life. Denys shoots almost exclusively on film and offers both 35mm and medium format photography whilst adapting a wide range of scenery to tell a story, scouting the city for unique locations for every photoshoot he makes. Here at United Wolves Productions, we’re happy to have Denys’ unique vision for the beauty hidden in the most unlikely places.
Denys Chapli
Photographer On Film
Zori Dragiyska is an actress and singer with a passion for directing. She began her journey on stage at the age of 6 when she was introduced to the national youth choir “Milka Stoeva”. During her 8 years with the choir Zori performed in and won awards from many national and international festivals and competitions. While still in Bulgaria Zori was part of one of the best national theatre groups – “Valeri and Friends”, which provided her with the opportunity to play many characters and develop her acting and directing talent during her 4 years there. Despite her success in the home country, Zori chose to pursue a career in the UK and is currently studying in The University of Central Lancashire. We at United Wolves have entrusted Zori to be our leading actress, and have put her organisational skills to good use as our Showreel Service manager, ensuring that all such shoots will be properly planned and that every one of our clients would get the time necessary for their development.
Zori Dragiyska 
Actress and Showreel Service Manager 
Denis Barinov is a photographer mostly specialising with food, drinks, branded products, and portraits. His journey in the creative industry started back in 2014 when he graduated from Liverpool Media Academy, where he studied TV & Film production. His versatility wasn’t oriented towards a specific niche. Instead his speciality became the ability to pay close attention to the small details, textures, creases, and imperfections, and it is what keeps him so passionate about what he does. In the last 7 years, Denis has had the pleasure to work with multiple artists, brands, restaurants and cafes. His work ranges from music videos and commercials to photoshoots and short films. For Denis quality and customer service come very naturally, therefore the speed and effort that he applies to his projects and clients is an essential skill he’s happy to possess. The United Wolves are very lucky to have Denis’ keen eye on our side to help us immortalise the beauty of life in a single photo.
Denis Barinov
Photographer and Cinematographer 
Dan Kralev is an aspiring young actor, who also dabbles in playwrighting and editing. He was born in Burgas, Bulgaria in 2000, but his passion for theatre and art brought him to seek a career in the UK. In his teenage years he became interested in magic, illusions and card tricks. Quickly, he became a professional in the art of cardistry – the art creating beautiful compositions and flourishes, using only a deck of cards. Later he joined one of the best theatre groups in his country, “Valeri and Friends”, where he stated discovering the beautiful world of theatre and screen acting. During his 4 years there, he starred in 6 productions, portrayed 10 unique characters, and became the youngest playwright to be performed in his hometown’s theatre, with his play – “The Lightbringer”. In 2019 Dan moved to the UK to continue his studies and further himself as an actor. As a part of the United Wolves, Dan is one of our trusty showreel actors for hire, whilst also improving his editing skills by working on the many projects we’re currently producing.
Actor and Junior Editor
Dan Kralev
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