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About us

Want to know more about our story?

United Wolves Productions is a multi-award-winning tailor-made video production company. We're based in the North West of the UK, but work nationally providing a variety of services in all aspects of video production, animation and video strategy. We are a group of diverse individuals from a multitude of underrepresented backgrounds and cultures, with the goal to make productions of a high standard and competence more accessible to business and their road to success.

Our Story

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Although we are experts on video, we wouldn't class ourselves as videographers. We're filmmakers! Our background in cinema provides us with the skills to create that desired emotional connection between you and your audience and bring your Brand's Story to Life. We carefully look at a company's short and long-term goals, their internal and external bottlenecks and what Mission Success looks like, in order to craft the bespoke necessary video strategy to achieve it.

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Our Process

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The majority of the profit we make, we put back into the creative arm of the company, funding the award-winning film projects we’re passionate about doing, and helping the next generation of filmmakers. We aim to remove the stigma surrounding the inaccessibility of professional productions by creating such productions ourselves and opening the door to people who’ve always wanted to be a part of them.

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Our Dream

We do all of that while maintaining high standards of work and professionalism in the commercial sector, showing that turning your goals and dreams into reality is just one cinematic step away, and United Wolves Productions are here to guide you in that step. We look forward to working with you.

Multi-award-winning video production

Our Promise

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with us

Although we’re starting with just a small team of people, the motto of United Wolves is to be, well, United. Because of that, we extend an invitation to all of you who have always wanted to get involved in any part of film production to make yourselves known to us. If you’re just starting out, we have some shadowing opportunities for you, providing you with the necessary training to begin your career in the industry. If you are already a professional looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals, we’re here to collaborate back with you, hopefully providing you with some opportunities which would be mutually beneficial. Whoever you are and regardless of where you are in your career there will always be place for you within the wolfpack. We hope to hear from you soon.

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