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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The perfect moment immortalised in a single shot. A memory to be revisited and relived over and over again. United Wolves believe in those moments, and we take great pride in helping you capture them and the experiences surrounding them. Whether that is the long awaited nuptials, an unforgettable event,  deliciously made food or poured drink, making your estate look fantastic for potential buyers, or even if you’d just like a few shots of yourself making you feel like a professional model, United Wolves are there for you, ready to take the perfect shot. Below are some examples of our work and its photographers. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let us help you tell a thousand stories.


The action, comedy, drama, romance and goofiness in front of the camera during a shoot is unrivalled, yet there’s just as much of that happening behind the scenes. Whether that’d be two lovers off stage who despise each other on stage, actors goofing around and warming up with increasingly hilarious but helpful routines, or just the general cast and crew enjoying their times between takes, those moments are unmissable. This is where we come in, to make sure none of those juicy moments are left unrecorded, so that we can have a peak behind what’s happening when the camera isn’t looking.



Behind the camera people are working hard to make sure everything looks and sounds the best it can, while in the process exchanging smiles and laughs, to make things lighter on the soul. The hard work and creative ways in which rehearsals, projects and shoots are conducted, are still some of the most innovative in any profession. What better way to remember them and look at them in awe than having some perfectly timed stills from behind the scenes. Let us capture those beautiful sets, those friendly relationships between onscreen rivals, the drive and energy being emitted by the cast and crew. Let us be the camera behind the camera.

Behind the Scenes


In the consumer driven society we live in today, the demand for products is at an all time high. The variety of any products that our heart desires is staggeringly vast. From food and drink, games and toys, electronics for the office or home, all the way through to household items we use every day, we’ve never lived in a time with more options. So how do we know what to select. Well as the well-known quote goes “We consume with our eyes first”. And this is where we step in. We would be happy to make your product look as “tasty” for our eyes as possible. With our aesthetically pleasing shots, you can make sure people won’t have to hesitate to make the right choice.




Photographing products, people and events is quite straightforward, however photographing buildings, landscapes and nature in their natural grandeur requires a view outside the box, and more specifically above the box. To achieve these stunning shots and capture the size of the breath-taking creations while still maintaining their scale, we use our very own licensed DJI drone. With the smooth movement of a perfectly stabilised camera and the added advantage of a bird’s perspective, we use our drone to showcase all the best qualities of what you have to offer. Be that an estate you are putting up for sale, a few shots for a documentary you are crafting, or even some photos of you on top of a mountain peak you’ve conquered. Whatever the case, let United Wolves watch over you…literally.