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In the current world of digitalisation, the cinematic look of shooting videos is no longer solely reserved for films and television. Nowadays, as everything around us is heavily competing for our attention, having a cinematic-looking video for your business is a tested shortcut to getting your products, services, and experiences noticed and remembered. We at United Wolves specialise in exactly that – making aspects of life and work look like a well-crafted film. We can shoot promos for businesses just being set-up, and products just being introduced to the market, to give them a cinematic advantage over their competitors. Whatever you’d like to introduce to the world, we can make it feel like the trailer for the next big film. Below you can see examples of our work and our clients’ testimonials. The cinematic look is everywhere these days, so let us take part in making a piece of your life into a cinematic work of art.

Examples of our work


Demo Reel

Demo Reel May 2023
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Brand Video

Rebranding Video

Construction Video

Experience Video

Event Video

Sector-specific Video

Commercial Real Estate

Promo Video

Charity Video

Hospitality Video

Documentary Video 



One of the reasons our videography service is deemed unique is that we do not only shoot on the ground. We take what we offer a step higher, and higher, in the most literal sense possible. We provide the possibility of using an eye in the sky – our very own DJI Mavic 2 drone. While events, businesses, and weddings are mainly shot on the ground, things like real estate, music videos, and documentaries benefit significantly from a different perspective – specifically the perspective from above. Making nature, buildings, venues, and magical moments show their true grandeur and scale, we help people appreciate what you have to offer through our pair of flying eyes.