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The Creative Journey of
United Wolves Productions

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Remembrance Part I (2023)


United Wolves Productions introduces "Remembrance," an anthological series blending science fiction and fantasy, already acclaimed with several awards and nominations in UK film festivals. This series represents our latest venture into imaginative storytelling.

In "Remembrance," we follow Carol, a memory researcher at the University of The Eyes of Faith. As she delves into her work, Carol unravels the intricate emotions and perspectives embedded in diverse memories. Her journey intensifies with mysterious elements from a chess game with her mentor, James, and an unexpected twist in her research added by her best friend, Colin. Carol navigates through a world where memories intermingle with ghostly, vampiric, and immortal elements, all while pursuing the truth.

Each episode is a unique narrative, showcasing our ability to fuse sci-fi and fantasy with deep human experiences. "Remembrance" stands as a testament to United Wolves Productions' commitment to producing evocative, thought-provoking content and further solidifies our presence in the film and series production landscape.

Roommates (2022)

United Wolves Productions is excited to showcase "Roommates," our fourth creative endeavor and a successful mini web series. This comedic series has won acclaim and awards, including Best Actor for Dan Kralev as Harry and Best Web Series at a London film festival.

Set in a world of chaotic cohabitation, "Roommates" revolves around a demon from hell, a femme fatale with unique priorities, and a quiet boy with odd hobbies, all forced to share a living space. Their daily lives are filled with absurd misadventures, turning mundane tasks into epic challenges. Elements like time travel, body swapping, and fantastical scenarios blend seamlessly with everyday squabbles, creating a humorous and engaging narrative.

"Roommates" stands out for its imaginative storytelling and comedic flair. It explores the dynamics of unlikely friendships and the humorous aspects of shared living. With its unique concept and engaging plot, "Roommates" has become a notable and successful addition to the United Wolves Productions' portfolio, showcasing our commitment to innovative and entertaining storytelling.

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Roped In (2022)

With great pleasure, United Wolves Productions presents "Roped In," our third creative endeavour. This ground-breaking short film has won praise from all over the world. This UK-shot Bulgarian film offers an intriguing new perspective on power relations and surprising turns as it skillfully subverts the traditional kidnapper-victim storyline.

"Roped In" received 12 nominations at international film festivals, demonstrating its immense success. At the esteemed London Film Festival, it proudly won Best Comedy, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing. It also won Best Director at a local Cannes festival and was a finalist at an Italian film festival.

In addition to winning awards at festivals, the film also gained attention in Bulgaria and was given a 5-star review by Mark Davoren of North West End UK. The global level of "Roped In," reflected in its Bulgarian dialogue and UK setting, has elevated it to a unique position in our background.

"Roped In" is a symbol of United Wolves Productions' dedication to cutting-edge narrative and artistic brilliance and serves as evidence of our rising reputation in the international film industry.

The Handler (2021)

United Wolves Productions proudly presents "The Handler," our second creative project. This short film tells a captivating story of a woman who discovers the shocking truth about her partner's profession. It marked a significant advancement in our filmmaking capabilities, as we fully utilized our advanced cinema equipment for the first time.

This project was not just a step forward in storytelling but also earned us our inaugural credit on IMDb. "The Handler" symbolizes our commitment to producing quality content and marks a pivotal moment in our journey, demonstrating our growing expertise in the art of cinema.

As an integral part of our project timeline, "The Handler" showcases our evolution in crafting engaging and thought-provoking narratives.

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Shattered Dream (2021)
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"Shattered Dream," the first venture of United Wolves Productions, is a poignant short film by BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Henry Powell. This narrative explores the fragile nature of dreams through the eyes of a man grappling with a life-changing diagnosis. It's a moving portrayal of resilience and the enduring spirit in the face of adversity.

This film marked our entry into the world of storytelling, setting a high standard for our subsequent projects. "Shattered Dream" was more than a film; it was the experimental bedrock upon which United Wolves Productions was built, shaping our dedication to crafting emotionally resonant and thought-provoking narratives.

As the cornerstone of our project timeline, "Shattered Dream" represents our journey from concept to reality, embodying our passion for cinematic excellence.

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